Do Your Walls Need to Be Refreshed?

Renew them with our painting services in Kissimmee, FL

Lesley Sparkly Cleaning Service, LLC offers painting services for residential and commercial spaces throughout the Kissimmee, Florida, area. We're also able to paint home exteriors, including up to the second floor. You simply pick the paint color, and we'll handle the rest!

Scuffs and marks on your walls can ruin a perfectly good paint job. But we can quickly take care of blemishes and revitalize them. To schedule any of our painting services, contact our team today.

Don't settle for holes in your walls - call us for drywall installation

No matter how careful you are, you may still end up with holes and gouges in your drywall at some point. Lesley Sparkly Cleaning Service provides drywall installation services throughout Kissimmee, FL. Our team can also install sheetrock and handle small patchwork projects.

Drywall installation and painting go hand in hand. To schedule either or both of these services through Lesley Sparkly Cleaning Service, you can call us anytime.